Conscious Relationship and Tantra Coaching, Monthly Gatherings, 

3 Days of Tantra Weekend Retreats with Judith Anne Condon 

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Individual & Couples Sessions

Private  Individual and Couples Sessions are held in a serene and safe setting and comprise a journey or journeys where Individuals can uplevel  realms of conscious dating, solo sexuality, honoring partnering, intimacy and conscious relationship &  Couples can uplevel realms of conscious communication, conflict management, sexuality, intimacy, and much more using the practices of Tantra to achieve high states of partnership creation & realization, joy and satisfaction.

Sessions may be booked for 1 to 3 hours in length and are designed to support you in accessing your full ecstatic potential. Couples and Singles are welcome 18 to 80 all sexual expressions are welcome.

In Person for Couples and Individuals, Telephone, Skype or FaceTime  sessions are available in Boulder, Co in North Boulder.

Telephone, Skype or FaceTime sessions are available in Boulder & Worldwide.

Rates: $ 175.00 per hour Individuals, $225.00 per hour Couples

Private work includes clearing Chakra Blocks for greater Sexual Vitality, Breathing Practices, Communication Techniques, Conflict Mgmt, Meditation f0r Enlightenment, Tantric Practices for Personal and Relationship Expansion, Bio-energetic tools and more. 

There is no nudity or sexual contact in the sessions. 

Couples and Individuals and Singles may explore issues such as . . .

  • Conscious Relationship Coaching for Deepening Communication
  • Tantric Practice
  • Sexual Empowerment for Women, Men & Adolescents